USA Reggae Bands - WISCONSIN (27 artists)

Tony Brown & The Landing Crew
Tony Brown &
608 Riddim Section

(Madison, Wisconsin & The World!)

Roots, Lovers

CONTACT: Tony Brown
ph: 319.325.0241

Self is a necessary part of oneness. Prepare for the blessing and manifest the unity of the oneness. If you walk with a weight on your shoulders you cannot uplift the one within your self so the world's problem cannot be alter because of your burden. Submit to the will of JAH and the power of LOVE.


Natty Nation
(Madison, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Ron J. Konkol
ph: 608.335.1859

Greetings and Peace to you Earth Citizen... eliminate all negative vibration through the driving one drop & rock-edged roots rock reggae & dub riddims of NATTY NATION

King Solomon
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: Keith Green
ph: 414.349.0968

Spirituality starts within.
Free your mind and you heart will follow.


New Flavor
(Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Roots, Caribbean

CONTACT: Ron Boyce, Jr.
ph: 920.737.5494

Unity The Band
(Menasha, Wisconsin)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: Pita Katobalavu
ph: 920.378.1788

We are "Pioneer's of American Reggae"
Enjoy life and everything in it for Jah is king.Let there be peace on earth.


Baby'J' w/Sawa Band
Baby'J' w/Sawa Band

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: Unique/Baby j

Baby J, Chicagoland's Reggae Superstar, is now expanding to the Greater Milwaukee area. Baby J has performed at the Wild Hare, ExcedusII, Isaac Hayes & many other festivals through the Chicagoland area. Get ready to explore the voice of a bird, Baby 'J', along with soft rhythmic sounds of the Sawa Band.

(La Crosse, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Jordan Hedrington
ph: 715.864.2185

Go and tell the town, tell the people the news oh hey... Tell them reggae music is on the loose...


Petting Marley


ph: 262.930.0248

Petting Marley... Rastafied & Ska-de-liscious!
Nothing Original - All Covers

Reggae Fire
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Roots, Caribbean

ph: 414.750.0322

Peace, Love and happiness and let the fire burn in your soul and no water can put out this everlasting Fire

  Max Dakota & Modern Life
& Modern Life

(Superior, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Max Dakota
ph: 218.260.5675

we all belong to the family of light.
be a rebel in disguise.

Irie Sol
(Eau Claire, Wisconsin / Minnesota)

Roots, Lovers

CONTACT: Chris Williams
ph 763.280.1851

love is the greatest of all!


Mountain Lions
Mountain Lions

(Whitewater, Wisconsin)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

ph: 608.289.6001

Every individual is distinct from they other

Richard Cranium


CONTACT: Chad Canfield
ph: 847.436.9676


Hippie-Hop, Reggae-Pop, Funkadelic-


(Appleton, Wisconsin)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: Tim Burton
ph: 920.475.3510

The fruit of the spirit is Love,Joy,Peace,
Patience,Kindness,Goodness,and Faithfulness.
Love one another.......

Dub Alumni
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Ras Amerlock/Seamus
ph: 414.793.7761

United We Stand.


Queen Sovyva
Queen Sovyva

(Madison, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Lilieth Richards
ph: 608.333.2518

"He who gains by oppressing the poor or by bribing the rich shall end in poverty". Love is kind, patient and does not demand his own way. Peace to you all.

Queen Sovyva
Mash'Allah Reggae Band

(Madison, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Princess Tafari
ph: 608.772.1137

Give Thanks and Praise to the Most High JAH Rastafari for H.I.S. Itinual Blessing


Queen Sovyva
(Madison, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Michelle

Peace, Love, Unity

TakI AllStars
(Madison, Wisconsin)


ph: 608.445.8923

When the rain come, seed will grow.
Keep your heart open


Mystic Movements
Mystic Movements


Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: Ras G (Greg)
ph: 414.915.4998

My new lineup is hittin hard and has began standing firm on the foundation of Jah Rastafari , bring forward new members covering Jah sounds in Roots Rock Reggae Vibration and by far some old school and dance hall Reggae.Our band brings a crucial sound with members that have excelled in many disciplines of sound and flex , that through many sounds , stories and reasonings are told. We are spiritually influenced by Jah Rastafari and the love for REGGAE MUSIC. The current Lineup has been working together , motivated by thought of giving the father the glory and movin' an groovin' the people unto the Reggae Beat. So catch I & I , Come make we dance Inna Rub A Dub style.'We are your party band and caribbean wedding band.

(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


ph: 414.793.3795

A best friend is like family.


Primitive Culture
(Madison, Wisconsin)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: David Hecht

When the rain come, seed will grow.
Keep your heart open

Mt. Zion Soundsystem
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: Saskia Pretorius
ph: 414.688.1018

No Peace til we all reach Zion.


International Connection
(Madison, Wisconsin)


CONTACT: Dread I-WIllie WIlson
ph: 608.446.0845

To listen is to hear, to hear is to understand, to understand is to feel, to feel is to love...listen to the music around you.

Perspective Heights
Mystic Movements



CONTACT: Bobby Jablonski
ph: 262.490.9080

Increase the peace

  Dred I Dread

Roots, Lovers

ph: 612.919.7368

Listen to the Revolution


Ocean Rush
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean

CONTACT: Alexander
ph: 414.354.4485

Family, Music, Hula. Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.



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