USA Reggae
The Shakers

– Thank you, Ron! Forward the reggae vibe… every time.


It’s me, Ron Rhoades, and I’m still alive! I still have my RAW card somewhere….not in front of me so I can’t give you my number. I’m still living on Kauai (33yrs) but sad to say The Shakers are dormant right now.

Our most recent news is being included in the Marc Wasserman book ‘Ska Boom’

He calls us the first American reggae band (doubtful) and the first chapter of the book tells our history thru interviews he did with band members and management.

I am so glad I got to tell the story of ‘Yankee Reggae’. What it was like for me and the band. What we really went thru with Elektra/Asylum. I’ve kept that stuff in me all these years so it was a major relief to let it go.

I’m Stoked you’re updating RAW please keep me posted. I still think of Papa Pilgrim once in a while and Tom Pearson. I am honored to be a part of it.

Respect and Aloha,