USA Reggae
The Dave Black Expression

The Dave Black Expression

(St. Paul, Minnesota)

Roots, Lovers, Caribbean, Dub, Rock-steady, Dancehall, Reggaeton

CONTACT: Dave Black
ph: 612.247.4901

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The Dave Black Expression is a studio band design to bring fresh new music onto the scene. We write original and are not bound to agreements as we are an independent group.  We challenge ourselves to create new music often blending various styles into one.  

We started by doing country based music on our first album July 2023 w My Rear View Mirror and we then wrote a reggae song just to try something new and we later put out or 2nd album in January 2024 titled Genre Jump’n fool. it was just that an album with 9 different genres of songs from rock to country, reggae to new wave from ballad to americana.