USA Reggae
Sunami Force

Sunami Force

(Houston, Texas)

Roots, Lovers, Dub, Rock-steady, Dancehall, DJ

CONTACT: Susie Hernandez
ph: 281.217.7196

youtube: artist channel

Sunami Force is a reggae band based in Houston, TX whose mission is to bring positive energy and promotion of higher consciousness through sweet reggae music. Founded by bassist Susie Hernandez, Sunami Force is a team of like-minded, conscious, super-powered musicians. They specialize in roots reggae, classic dancehall, and cosmic originals featuring Rseenal the DONRASTA. They are the exclusive backing band at the popular REGGAE THURSDAY event in Houston, TX where talented local reggae vocalists are featured.
🌊#KetchDiWave of positive energy through the consciousness of sweet reggae music, in SUNAMI FORCE! 🌊